About the VZV

It’s not easy to become a member of the VZV: applicants’ work is vetted by at least two experienced colleagues. That cuts both ways: clients know that VZV translators meet high standards, and members can tell clients that they comply with the strictest quality criteria in the Netherlands.

Not all translators can meet these requirements: in the early stages of their careers, some translators may lack knowledge, experience and an extensive portfolio of work. These translators can join the VZV as aspiring members. The VZV offers all its members (aspiring and full members) a range of opportunities to develop their expertise and skills: section meetings  and other gatherings of an educational nature, networking opportunities, mentoring etc. Where possible, we support these activities financially.

The VZV is a small association with close ties between the members. Lines are short and we can always call on each other for advice and support.

The VZV: better together. Welcome!