Code of ethics

  1. Members shall adhere to the high standards required of freelance professional translators. On joining the VZV, they undertake to observe this code of ethics.
  2. Members shall accept only assignments for which they possess the requisite knowledge.
  3. Members have a duty to carry out assignments to the best of their knowledge and ability.
  4. Members are aware of the confidential nature of their position and will therefore refrain from any action that might harm the image of the profession.
  5. Members undertake not to disclose any information that comes to their knowledge in pursuing their profession and will refrain from benefiting themselves or others by in any way misusing this information.
  6. Members shall keep their professional knowledge and skills up-to-date through continuing professional development.
  7. Members may advertise their skills and availability in the media or by directly approaching individuals and/or organisations, provided the presentation is factual, to the point and not misleading, and does not detract from the image of the profession.
  8. Members shall observe the rules of copyright.
  9. Members shall assist each other wherever possible and shall display loyalty to each other.
  10. The Association’s bye-laws provide for sanctions should the Code of Ethics or other regulations be infringed.