Membership categories

The VZV has three membership categories: full members, aspiring members and associate members.


Full members

The admission requirements for full VZV membership are: independence and quality. Independence means that you are a freelance translator and that you work professionally. You can be admitted as a full member after your work has been assessed, but you can also be admitted if at least two members vouch for the quality of your work. Only full members are included on the digital VZV register of translators and only full members have voting rights at meetings.

The annual fee for full members is € 105 per year.


Aspiring members

You do not (yet) fulfil the criteria relating to independence or quality, or you want to be a member for another reason. There are no specific requirements for admission. You will be interested in languages, translation, and translators. You may ask for a VZV colleague to act as your mentor so that you can develop your skills as an independent translator. You can take part in all the activities of the VZV but you do not have any voting rights at general meetings.
Aspiring members pay three-quarters of the fee for full members.


Associate members

Our associate members are a special group. They have been full members in the past but they are no longer active as translators. They have a wealth of experience that they contribute to the language groups and from which other members benefit. Associate members can participate in all the activities of the VZV but they also have no voting rights and they are no longer listed on the register of VZV translators.

Finally, we have honorary members who have made exceptional contributions to the association.