Mentoring in practice

The details of mentoring are up to the translators themselves but it is useful to keep some guidelines in mind:

  • The mentor will be an experienced translator and VZV member who is willing to spend at least two hours a month working with the mentee.
  • The translators should set goals and agree on an approach.
  • The mentor acts as an advisor, not as a corrector, unless the translators agree otherwise. If the mentor also acts as a proofreader/revisor, it is in everybody’s interest to make businesslike arrangements.
  • Both translators are expected to accept feedback and to adopt a professional approach to their role.
  • Mentoring is a matter between the translator and the mentor, and it should not be made public.
  • There is no time limit for mentoring but it is sensible to evaluate how useful and meaningful the mentoring is at pre-determined intervals.